A yogatherapy session is conducted to the needs of the person. Asana postures, breathing exercises and purifying exercises are geared to the patients’ disorders with regard to harmonize his condition. This means some postures are practiced more intensive and others aren't even included. This is one difference in comparison to a standard Hatha Yoga class which should include all areas such as e.g. strengthening and stretching the back, abdomen, hips etc. In addition, it is usually more than helpful to modify the classical yoga asanas (postures) to make it comfortable to the person and possible to take the highest benefit for him/herself.

Beyond that work on the power of thoughts is more intensive.

All of this activates the self regulating forces and the patient confides deeper or afresh in his body. He/her grows in self-awareness.

I have been instructing Yoga classes at a hospital for psychosomatic medicine for 3 years, including group sessions and private sessions.

As needed, a session includes yoga asanas, breathing exercises, yoga nidra (very effective relaxation exercises) as well as meditative visualisations.